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Frequently asked Qs

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How many people am I sharing the suite with?

Your room is completely private but your common spaces are shared with 2-5 other Roostrs, depending on the property. These areas include: living room, dining room, kitchen, and other community spaces.

How many bathrooms are there in the suite? Will I have to share?

While some bedrooms have private ensuites, most rooms will have a shared full bathroom between every 2 (absolute maximum 3) rooms.

That said, thanks to our weekly cleaning team, no matter how messy you or your bathroom buddy is, you’ll never have to fight over who’s turn it is to scrub the toilet.

Doggos, kitties, or other pets?

Unfortunately, unless you’re asking about your certified service animal, we currently can’t accommodate any pets due to potential allergies and safety concerns.

We’re a couple, are we welcome?

Absolutely – we’ll be sure to lay out two towels! However, to ensure everyone gets the bathroom ratio they deserve, we only accommodate couples in ensuite rooms.

Note that a $150 flat-fee upcharge will also apply to your all-inclusive rent to cover additional utilities and services.

What’s the application process like?

You’re already here! Simply tap "Find My Roost" on our website and tell us about your stay. Then take 5min to fill our Roommate Compatibility Survey before we recommend you your perfect room and roommates.

At this point, book a tour of your favourite homes with your Community Manager - in-person or virtual, whichever is best for you.

Once you decide to reserve your room, we’ll take 24h to conduct our background checks and get your potential roommates' approval of your Roostr profile. If everything looks good, we’ll draft up the digital lease and send it to you to review. Once signed off, your last month's rent deposit is due (your first month's rent is due on the first day of your lease).

That's it! Get ready to come home!

What to bring when moving in?

  • Your clothes

  • Hygiene/personal belongings

  • Duvet/blanket/quilt/whatever you like to cover yourself (all your pillows and sheets are already washed and made for you - we also got you a brand new towel in your favourite colour for you to keep!)

  • Food

  • Tenant's liability insurance (we can't get this for you but can make provider recommendations if needed)

  • Iron/ironing board/steamer

  • Hair dryer/hair styling tools

  • Specialty kitchen tools/appliances (we've already stocked your kitchen with pots and pans, basic utensils, knives, cutlery, drinkware, dishware, as well as a toaster, kettle, and french press)

  • Anything else you’d like to but all the essentials will already be there

What’s happens after my initial lease ends?

After your initial lease term of 6 or more months, we seamlessly transition to month-to-month. You'll need to let us know 60 days before you're planning on moving out - don't worry, we'll remind you 2.5 months out from the end of your initial lease.

What if I have to leave before the end of my lease?

You're financially responsible for the full duration of your lease but if you need to move out early, you're welcome to find someone to take over your room. They must go through the same vetting criteria as any other applicant but once approved, we'll sign a new lease with them and terminate our ongoing lease without penalty.

We'll help advertise the room on our Homes page and push it to our waitlist, but you're ultimately responsible for finding your replacement.

Note that no matter what, you have to let us know 60 days before you're planning on moving out. Otherwise, you will forfeit your last month's rent deposit.

How it works

1. Find your Roost

Browse our homes and check your roommate compatibility.

2. Tour + reserve

Make sure what you see is exactly what you’re looking for.

3. Come home

Sign off on your lease, send your last month’s rent deposit, and pack your bags!


Is it really free to work with Roost?

We will never charge you any service fees: No furnishing fees. No monthly management fees. No tenant turnover fees.

Our only ask is for a one-time 30-day rent-free onboarding period which allows us to furnish and set everything up for the entire duration of our renewable agreement.

How does Roost make money?

We furnish and service your property and rent the rooms out individually to our network of young working professionals. For the extra conveniences, we charge our tenants a little more. Whatever is left after paying 100% of your guaranteed rent goes towards helping Roost improve the lives of more owners and tenants.

Can I vet the tenants as well?

We’ll take care of finding tenants, executing leases, and collecting rent, you can be as involved or hands off as you’d like.

What repairs does Roost cover?

We’ll take care of all tenant-caused damages at no cost to you. For any issues caused by deferred maintenance, age, regular wear and tear, or Acts of God, we’ll oversee the repairs on your behalf at your expense – we don’t charge any service fees.

How long do tenants usually stay?

Our average tenant stays 8-10 months. Our minimum lease is 6 month or whatever your building minimum is.

How do I coordinate maintenance and repairs?

When you become a Roost Landlord, you'll be introduced to your Account Manager who'll help you be as hands-off - or on - as you'd like. They'll coordinate with tenants on when things need to be done around your property and will also supervise any contractors as needed.

I’m not in town, is that ok?

Absolutely! Whether you spend 365 days travelling the world or would just like to avoid the commute to check up on your property, we'll make sure your investment is being well cared for. With weekly professional cleaning, AAA long term tenants who care, and regular check ups, your home is in good hands.

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