The next generation of renters are here
Optimize your digital conversions and welcome pre-qualified Gen Z and Millennial applicants to your multifamily communities
Applicants, not prospects
We don’t just send you prospects, we send you high-intent applicants with their background check already complete and ready for move in.
Units, not buildings
Create, store, and syndicate media-rich, unit and floorplan-specific data that digital-native renters have come to expect.
Leases, not leads
Pay-per-performance means you only pay us when you approve our applicant and the lease is signed. No exclusivity. 100% aligned. Guaranteed ROI.
Roost is a digital‑native rental agency
We specialize in helping high-intent Gen Z and Millennial renters find and book their next mid-to-long-term home
You're in good company
Every applicant you interact with has already completed their background check and is aligned with your acceptable move-in dates
Financial stability
Address history
Credit / reliability
ID verification
Media-rich listings featuring photos, floorplans, video tours and 3D tours - optimized for 24 / 7 online bookings, not just views and tours
Delightful, digital-first experience that’s 100% free for renters
SingleApp for all Roost rentals
Free media packages available
Rent by the room or let our proprietary roommate-matching system automatically group room renters together so you can convert them via a single unit lease
Proprietary 35-pt compatibility algorithm
Stop turning interested room renters away
Accommodate room rentals without renting by the room
All rentals welcome
From private rooms to entire homes, our renters are looking for options across their entire consideration set
Single family
Unlock 24 / 7 digital leasing for your rental communities today