Hassle-free, guaranteed rent for 2+ years with 100% free property management.

No catch, just real peace of mind.

Sit back and let Roost save you time and energy while making you more money.

Always get paid on time, in full, every month.

Investment property ownership, simplified. All we ask for is a one-time 30-day onboarding period. That’s it.

Peace of mind

Forget finding new tenants and chasing down rent. We’ll send you 100% of your monthly rent every month, guaranteed.

Quality long-term tenants

We carefully interview and background-check applicants to find AAA long-term tenants who will take care of your home.

Extensive care

Our field team cleans your home every week and actively repairs any tenant-caused damages, at no cost to you!

Before Roost
After Roost Management
After Roost

Your ideal property partner.

We design, furnish, service, and long-term rent your property to our exclusive network of young professionals.

Dependable revenue

We guarantee your rent so your passive income is truly passive.

No hidden costs

No tenant turnover costs. No vacancy costs. No management costs. No catch.

Long-term tenants

We never do short-term rentals and are always building-compliant.

Headache-free repairs

We’ll take care of any tenant-caused damages at no cost to you.

Fully insured

We ensure that all tenants show proof of insurance before move in.

24/7 owner support

Question? Concern? You have our direct number/email and 24/7 support.

“My experience working with Roost has been delightful! The team is very responsive and has put my mind at ease so I can go on with my day without worrying about my unit.”

– Owais J, Roost Landlord since Mar’19

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Frequently Asked Qs.

Is it really free to work with Roost?

We will never charge you any service fees: No furnishing fees. No monthly management fees. No tenant turnover fees.

Our only ask is for a one-time 10-day rent-free onboarding period which allows us to furnish and set everything up for the entire duration of our renewable agreement.

How does Roost make money?

We furnish and service your property and rent the rooms out individually to our network of young working professionals. For the extra conveniences, we charge our tenants a little more. Whatever is left after paying 100% of your guaranteed rent goes towards helping Roost improve the lives of more owners and tenants.

Can I vet the tenants as well?

We’ll take care of finding tenants, executing leases, and collecting rent, you can be as involved or hands off as you’d like.

What repairs does Roost cover?

We’ll take care of all tenant-caused damages at no cost to you. For any issues caused by deferred maintenance, age, regular wear and tear, or Acts of God, we’ll oversee the repairs on your behalf at your expense – we don’t charge any service fees.

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